I watched the small, folded slip of paper bob along on the waters of the Thames; a little boat riding the crest of the waves before the current swept it away into the murky water.

I had written a note and, in Celtic tradition, had put it into the river so the water goddess might read the plea of her child.

Perhaps, like many of these things, it is just silly superstition, but there was something comforting about doing it, as though there was a powerful being beyond this world who might be able to influence events for me.

I had begged Melusina’s help for two things:

1. For my career. I want to stay at this big agency, but there are no opportunities in the immediate. I need something to come right so that I might have the chance to stay.

2. Charlie. It looks like I may not be able to see him for months. I cant stand him being so far away and I need circumstances to align themselves so that we might be together.

I tried not to feel sad over the weekend, the feeling that, despite all my work and efforts, both my personal and professional lives had fallen flat, one after the other. In truth, I felt that I did not have anywhere else to turn for help other than a metaphysical being.

Things are going well, for sure, but after Friday there are no fixed plans, for that is when my contract comes to an end. I am so frightened that it will get to Friday and there will be nothing but a void for the following week. And then what will I do? More endless rounds of applications and interviews?

The thought makes me shudder. I just want to stay where I am, perhaps to move sideways only into accounts which are a little more me (I’ve been working on a big FMCG brand – another great point on the CV).

I want to stay here and build up my career and become one of the top movers and shakers at this agency, which is one of the most premiere in the world. It is the elite workplace where I have always wanted to be. I will miss it terribly if I have to simply leave on Friday, with no idea of when I might get to go back again.

Please do not let it happen. There is one opportunity; one chance for which I might get to stay. If a major piece of new business comes in, on which I helped to research and generate ideas for the pitch, then they will need account management and digital strategists. I pray for it just about every other hour, I think. I daren’t hope that such a miracle could come my way.

But then, I think the same thing about Charlie. How could someone so wonderful love mere me?

Another aspect of my life on which I need divine intervention.

Sometimes we just reach that point; I’ve done everything I possibly can to make these two major life enhancements come right.

Is it so wrong that I ask for a little additional help to help them come true?


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